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stuck on you…

i’ve got a feelin down deep in my adeagus that i just can’t lose…

– apologies to Lionel Richie and fans.

Persimmon beetles are also known as Clay-colored leaf beetles. On leaf of Diospyros virginiana, American persimmon.

Persimmon beetles, Anomoea laticlavia, are members of Chrysomelidae, the leaf-eating beetles.

ripening fruit – these will taste much better after they’ve gone through a frost…
doing a few things at the same time…

Guess where we found them? In addition to getting busy with each other in a variety of postures, they appeared (simultaneously, in some cases) to be making short work of young leaves of American persimmon, Diospyros virginiana. Persimmon beetles belong to the subfamily Cryptocephalinae, or Case-bearing beetles. They lay eggs that are enclosed in carefully constructed containers made of feces and other excretions. As the larvae mature, they open and flip the case, using it as a base to construct a more elaborate structure (or ‘scatoshell’) also made from feces and leaf detritus.  (1,2,3,4)

Persimmon beetles on Prunus serotina, Black Cherry. What are the cues while in flight that attract them to one plant species versus another?
Underside of D. virginiana branch – the beginnings of fall fruit. What is it about persimmon that makes it more appealing/palatable in this region to these beetles?

Although records in NC are mostly from Persimmon, in other parts of the SE , this species is also associated with legumes (Fabaceae), oaks (Quercus), willow (Salix), and in the Great Plains, more specifically with leadplant (Amorpha).  (1) In our yard, they also appeared to be seeking and eating Carolina cherry (Prunus caroliniana), and black cherry, (P. serotina), although in smaller numbers. They are not noted agricultural pests.

“Wow, you’ve really grown up.” said the ant…

Many of the leaf-eating beetles (during their larval phase) are myrmecophiles – they have some association with ants.  Anomoea spp. have been noted to eat ant detritus and humus. (4)


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