B+O: design studio, PLLC is an architecture and landscape architecture practice.

We used to have a studio in an old building b+o downtownin downtown Wilmington, and while charming and convenient for clients, our close-range wildlife sightings were limited to house sparrows, termites, roaches, and camel crickets.

The 2008 recession forced us into a ‘home studio’  (with tree-house!)  which has made for more diverse distractions. b+o satellite studio 2011 sm

We have a pie-shaped wedge of typical SE NC suburbia, which we have tried to make more wildlife-friendly, without appearing to be a nuisance property.  More on that later.  In the last few years, we started documenting and identifying the living things we see while procrastinating or otherwise ‘not working’, and at last count, we’re up to at least 100…

A couple of comments to start.  We are not taxonomists.  Our observations are researched, but there is always a possibility of mistakes, so please let us know if you have any corrections or comments.  Sources are cited, and all of the photos we’ve included have been taken by us, (unless noted) so if you want to use one, please just reference B+O: design studio, PLLC, or Lara Berkley.  Thank you!


7 thoughts on “About”

  1. Thank you for your post from Jan 26, 2015, about your orb spider, Estelle. We have one we’ve named Charlotte in our backyard. We’ve been watching her for 11 days. The last 2 nights she built smaller webs and today she didn’t build a web at all. We think she’s about to lay her eggs and die. We’re all sad about it, especially my older son who is 8. It brought him joy to see that Charlotte built her webs in a spot almost identical to where Estelle built hers. We look forward to meeting the babies.

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