Goodbye sweet Lu.

waiting for deck lunch.

What a good girl you’ve been.

Best neck ruff hugs, goat tooth smile, long curl tail wags.  Big brown eyes. Soft  crinkle ears, one high, one low. Tender baby belly, later with long white hair. Rabbit-ey deer-hoof paws.

smelly breath, smelly bed.

Crazy toes excitement, welcome home. Grab a shoe, or another shoe. Or blue bunny. Where’s BLUE BUNNY?

you can never have too many bunnies.

Take and GO! Are we going for a walk? When are we going? Now? How about now? Is it time for dinner? Now is time.

Is that a dog/squirrel/bear/bird/cat/lion/other on tv?

let’s GO, guys!

It’s raining. May I go out, please? Now may I come back in for the toweling? Ok, back out now. And back in for the towel. More towel.

Back in the day, I loved to swim. And leap. Plus SNOW!!! Spin, twirl, run, and dig.

i might like that.

What are you making? eating? Is it for me? Can I have some? You’re gonna drop some, right? No blinking, it will come.

happy face recent walk.

Long walks way out ahead. Then right beside you when I couldn’t see or hear. Nose to your knees. UNO. DOS. TRES. COOOKIES! Big driveway hop.

sweet dreams, old girl.

And later, pick me up please. Carry me in, carry me out. Time for bed, please. Bed hog. Snoring. Farting. Dreaming.

Goodbye good girl Lu. We miss you.

12:45 p.m., May 21, 2018




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