Bruce the Bat Cat

In his 'Bird-be-Safe' collar.  What a dandy.
Bruce in his BirdsbeSafe collar. R.I.P. big buddy. ~February 2005- March 19, 2016

Bruce was adopted as a young adult ten years ago, and became an immediate vocal member of the family.  Despite intense efforts to keep him indoors, we caved to his will and  extremely potent musk – the call of the suburban wild was  just too much.  We are all too aware of the devastating effects outdoor cats have on bird populations, so allowing our domestic panther to roam was a HUGE conflict.  Our attempt to maintain a ‘bird-friendly’ yard is a perfect example of the ethical tangles we make for ourselves.  Bruce was lost to a form of cancer likely accelerated by vaccinations meant to protect him,  wildlife, and public health.  Big teary sigh. Today’s post is not a soapbox, but a tribute to an animal we knew as as family.  Funny how that goes.  Bruce was a cat, and an obligate predator, but he was also an individual we loved.  Some people say we shouldn’t anthropomorphize, but to us, it is a most direct form of empathy, whether the creature in question is domesticated or wild.  You can love a cat, and you can love birds, squirrels, anoles, moles…

Enjoying some sunshine.
Enjoying some sunshine.

Goodbye, sweet kitty – the yard wildlife may rebound, but it will be awhile before we will.